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Scrutiny Objection List

Page Type

Objection Type code Objection Type
1 Date of Occurrence.
2 Age of the accused.
3 Information receipt date.
4 Caste.
5 Prime-facie is there any bar of limitation? law?
6 The number of Interlocutory applications accompanying the plaint/petition and the provisions invoked in aid of the same ?
7 Number of documents encloased and their condition or state?
8 Whether the copies of suit documents, duly compared have been produced?
9 Whether the copies of the pleading, in sufficient number for service on the opposite side, accompanied by necessary process fee and duly addressed envelopes, with postage and acknowledgement forms, have been produced?
10 Does the party or Advocate, presenting the papers, desire the case to be immediately called in court for urgent interlocutory order?
11 Has any caveat been filed in respect of the same matter by any one?
12 Are all certified copies and other documents sufficently stamped?
13 Is leave/Special leave of the Court sought for any particular purposes?
14 Is there any other bar for registration of the suit or petition?
15 Signature of Checking Officer
16 Orders of the Presiding Officer or the Chief Ministerial Officer relating to admission of the plaint(or petition) or granting time for rectification of office objection.